Ok, that’s my last article in my Generali trilogy (see also “Make it easy to not renew a contract” and “Hey customer, we are sooo lame”).

The proposal for the new contract I received contained a ten year period of contract. That’s a long time. Especially for a standard insurance product. Sure, it is probably more lucrative for them to have a ten year contract than a one year contract. But it is not what I as a customer want. I don’t want to be bound for ten years to that company, and I don’t even know I want that product for such a long time. I am sure it is possible to get a shorter period of contract, but it requires more effort: I have to call them, and they have to send a new contract.

It would be more customer-friendly to let the customer decide what period of contract he wants. It could be done in the following way:

I want the following period of contract:
[ ] one year
[ ] two years
[ ] five years
[ ] ten years