Customer service by email is like a black hole: you send emails, but you never get a response (resp. only after a long time).

That’s an experience I had to make lately with two insurance companies, once again Generali (it seems I really like them *g*) and SwissLife. I sent both companies a short email with a simple “task” related to the contracts I have with them. In one case it was an email that I don’t want to renew the contract, and in the other case a switch of the mode of payment. Simple tasks, which I think take about five minutes to accomplish (including writing a short email that the task has been done). But, well, up to now no response. Maybe it’s done, maybe not, who knows…

As you see, I am unsure whether the tasks have been done. So the next step for me is to send them again an email or to call them. Both ways cause additional “costs”, for me and for the companies.

The solution to avoid these hassles and costs is obvious: answer each email as fast as possible (within two workdays). And let the customer know what you have done resp. what you intend to do.