Amy Tenderich, author of the Diabetes Mine blog, has written an open letter to Steve Jobs, in which she asks Steve Jobs/Apple about help to jump start the discussion about the design of medical devices:

  • Sponsor a contest by Apple Inc. for best-designed med device from an independent party, and the winning item will receive a makeover from Jonathan Ive himself
  • Conduct a “Med Model Challenge”: the Apple design team takes several existing medical devices and demonstrates how to “pimp” them to be more useful and cool
  • Establish Apple Med Design School – offer a course on consumer design concepts to selected engineers from leading pharma companies

A good idea to write such a letter to a company which is known for its good design. And maybe Steve Jobs will listen, who knows…

Another idea could be to contact the producers of such medical devices, and together with them to conduct design contests for (product) design classes.

Anyway, good luck!

[via TechCrunch]