As the motto of this blog is “to question and improve”, it would be strange if I wouldn’t apply it to this blog, too.

First and foremost it lacks a clear profile. Currently, it is a mishmash of ideas and rants, and it is about this and that. Probably not that interesting to read ;-) Here I have to do my homework. I have to define more clearly what I want to achieve with this blog and what value I want to provide to you, the readers.

The posting frequency was not that regular, there were phases with some posts, and other phases with long breaks. My goal is a posting frequency of 2-3 posts/week.

In recent posts I experimented a bit with adding drawings to the posts. But I cancel this experiment, as it doesn’t add any value, and it doesn’t fit to my work-flow. The drawings will probably become another project, even though I don’t have any concrete ideas yet…

That’s it for the moment. What do you think I could improve in this blog?