Some years ago I placed my resume on one of the big job platforms to see who responds. In the meantime I forgot about it…

Today, I received an email via this platform from a company (Deutscher Sparkassenverlag) which claims to look for the best (wow, I feel really honored *g*). They say they read my “very interesting profile”. But I doubt it. If they read it, they would present me a concrete position, and not simply a list of open positions.

It is interesting to see the big gap between what the company says (“we are looking for the best”) and what they actually do (“here is a list with open positions, maybe you will find something that interests you”).

I see two possible ways to close this gap:

  • go really after the best, but with an adapted strategy (the best people in a certain field usually know they are the best, so treat them accordingly)
  • go after the good, but even then I think it is not very efficient to send a list of open positions to potential candidates

In short: What you say and what you actually do have to be congruent when you are looking for new employees!